Forbes: Why An Aging Population Means Healthcare Customer Experience Must Adapt.”

Along with industry leaders Paul Irving of The Milken Center for the Future of Aging, and Geeta Wilson who is transforming the healthcare experience from a patient orientation to a customer orientation with her tech start up Consumer Society, we weighed in with what we felt were some of the main issues and the possible solutions.


The Time of London: Move over Millennials, We’re only just getting started.

Forgive my directness, but have you turned 50 yet? Are you happy? Do you feel as if you’re just getting started, or spiralling down towards retirement? I only ask because, as David Stewart, the founder of Ageist, realised, you are officially old and invisible, which is lovely, isn’t it? Congratulations and happy 50th. Stewart, for one, is not having it.

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NPR: Silver is the New Gold

If you’ve reached a certain age in life, you probably don’t like to think of yourself as old. You’ve got a lot of company. People 50 and over are 40 percent of the U.S. population and growing. Advertisers are clueing in to the idea that silver can mean gold — if they get the message right.


The palm Beach Post: Is age your super power

David Harry Stewart, 58, founded AGEIST because he realized the “visual vocabulary was bankrupt”, when it came to images of people his age. “We’re servicing an emerging group of people. This is the first time in human history that we have a group of people who are in their 50s and halfway through their lives."

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the Monocle Weekend Edition: That Awkward Age.

David Stewart runs AGEIST, which sets out to challenge stereotypes around age. He wants brands, businesses — everyone — to park their preconceptions. He runs a great website that includes interviews with people north of 50. David had a ticket for the conference (he was also a panelist last year) and asked if I would do an interview for his site. So we set up a call and talked about the history of Monocle and the challenges of running a media brand. Oh, and he asked me how old I was. I was rash.

D Magazine.Ageist, beyond Stereotypes

La Republica of Milan, publishing in the Sunday Magazine D, writing how AGEIST is leading a redefinition of how women today are living in a radically different way than their parents, and how that effects the brands surrounding them.

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LA Downtowner: AGEIST, The New Age.

David Stewart founded Ageist when he was 56 and these days he is a very hard man to track down. He’s been jet-setting around the globe to speak about how Ageist is reinventing how life after 50 can be lived. But home to David is proudly here in DTLA, “ I travel a lot, and it’s really nice to come home to this city. In the Arts District, people are here for a purpose and reason; you don’t just one day wake up here. It’s a community in a way that other parts of the city outside of downtown is not.” This community — at The Row to be exact — is where David has chosen for the office of Ageist.

Catalyst Cover story: AGE OF Wonder. Diverse, vibrant, wealthy – why older consumers are still woefully underserved. by Lucy Handly

“At 55, he started to notice how peo-ple of his age-group were represented. “I’m looking around and I’m not see-ing a whole lot. What I am seeing is a certain kind of stock photo; a couple of nice-looking, grey-haired people,” he said in a TED Talk last year. “They’re dressed in pastels, cardigans over their shoulders, they’re on a beach, they’ve got a bike, they’re pushing the bike, but they’re very fragile – they push the bike, they don’t ride the bike.”

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So-Cal Magazine: Ageist of Change. A media Company Reveals a new reality and new possibilities for life after 50.

David is a vibrant, healthy, man in his mid-fifties with a mission to elevate the consumer status of his fellow aging counterparts. Coming from 35 years ofexperience as an award-winning photographer specializing in people-oriented advertising, David is positioning himself as one of the world's leading experts in the new ways we are all aging. Together with a team of like-minded "ageing" colleagues, David has formed the company Ageist, with their motto "Live fast, die old."