The Global wellness Summit, Key note, singapore Oct 15, 2019

TEDX 2018

In this talk I suggest that our attitude towards later life needs a reboot at every level and that we have locked ourselves into a culture that is anti-age.

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White Space NYC 2017

Speaking to an audience of fashion, beauty and consumer products brand managers and creatives around how to activate their older consumers, while not loosing their younger ones.

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PSFK Consumer Experience NYC 2018

Speaking to an audience of highly influential digitally focused brand professionals interested in new retail and consumer experience trends insights, I framed how reach the new emerging over 50 consumer with products, services and messaging.

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Mercedes Benz ME conference Stockholm 2018

SXSW in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz invited me to speak at this three-day cross-cultural event uniting technology, design, and creative industries for a critical dialogue about the future. I was asked to contribute around the concept of personal mobility, and the need to re-imagine and re-message from products to be grimly accepted, to more of a desirable performance increasing mindset.

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HIMSS Las Vegas 2018

Speaking at the largest health care event of the year, I was tapped to help health sector professionals on how to increase the effectiveness of their messaging.

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Rise and Thrive, Los Angeles 2018

Sponsored by Quaker and Thrive, I was asked to keynote on how we are living in so differently than our parents did at this age, and what are some of the best practices we have found to live one’s best life today.


YBL (YOur Best LIFE) Los angeles 2019

Additionally to organizing the event, I opened and closed the sold out inaugural AGEIST conference before an enthusiastic crowd looking for how to engage with the new over 50 consumer.


Speaking along side luxury industry insiders, I was asked to contribute on the Silver is the New Gold, around how the majority of luxury are sold globally are to a discerning older consumer.